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I would not believe this whole story if it didn’t happen to me. I have posted here telling the story of how Vidanta’s sales people used deception and fraudulent sales tactics to induce me into purchasing something I would have otherwise not purchased.

The amount of money they defrauded me out of (8,500+490 broker’s fee). My background is law enforcement and just walking away from what they did to me as well as countless others is just something that’s not in my DNA. Recently, I see that a broker (Resort Rentals Mexico) who is on the list they have been giving to unsuspecting consumers for years was arrested by the FBI for allegedly stealing identities, wire fraud and bank fraud, all multiple counts.

As I said my story is well documented here, I posted on Nov. 19, it was about how they use selling their timeshare as a path for Mexicans to gain US travel visas as well as guaranteed rental and resale. I also posted the rental list and there is Resort Rental Mexico with the top spot.

I am appealing to Vidanta Ownership, Mr. Chavez and his son Ivan who has taken control of Vidanta since the retirement of his father to please end this charade sales has created immediately. It’s clear that this problem has been organized by sales, the list of brokers did not magically get into my contract materials. I did not create this problem, your sales team did and your continued silence in this matter can be viewed only as tacit approval. This is surely not what the Vidanta Brand is trying to communicate. As distasteful as refunding my hard earned money may seem to you, after a review of the facts I am sure you will conclude that it is the just thing to do.


Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $8500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Scams, Rip off.

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Oxford, Ohio, United States #924297

My husband and I are in the same "Boat of Lies and Deception"! We are in our second year of this ten year contract, and we want OUT now, too!

Our extra weeks have never been rented. Every time I contact this "Resort Rentals" agency, there is always an excuse explaining why our extra weeks aren't rented yet. Have you heard any thing back yet from the Member Services at Vidanta Ownership? How do we go about an appeal?

With 109 complaints, one would think we would have some kind of leverage for redemption.

to Anonymous #924647

Resort Rentals owner has been indicted on federal fraud charges ....don't waste your time trying to rent it. It was never designed to rent is was just a way to sell it.

What's more is the Mayan colluded with the brokers to *** the consumer.

Corporate Mgmt to this day supports the fraud by virtue of their unwillingness to make whole those who were damaged.

Cirque must not have done their due diligence.

to Makeit Hamilton, Ohio, United States #930962

I have also sent my two year charade story to Dr. Phil, the Embassy of Mexico City and the grupo vidanta blog.

However, I still haven't been contacted by any one yet. If you can think of any one else to contact, then please suggest it.

I will not give up. My husband and I have lost too much to allow this to continue.

to Anonymous Oxford, Ohio, United States #934807

Our issues have been clarified and satisfactorily resolved now.

to Anonymous #1385321

did Vida finally take care of you?

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